Introducing The World's Most Advanced TempAlert™ LTE Help Alert For Home Health & Hospice Providers

The hospital nurse call button has been used for decades. It is SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE. One press of the call button and the patient directly speaks with a nurse regarding routine health or urgent medical issues.


A TempAlert™ is the "next generation" LTE mobile wireless, cellular help call button designed to enable & encourage home health patients to call their home health provider, visiting nurse or case manager with urgent medical /health issues at home.

How A TempAlert™ Help Alert Works

The home health patient simply presses the large SOS button to activate the TempAlert™. Within seconds, it can send a text message alert everyone on the pre-set contact list. The text message will include the patient's name, date/time of the alert and precise GPS location of the TempAlert™.


The TempAlert™ will then telephone each contact, in order, until it is able to reach a caregiver. If the #1 contact does not answer, it will then call the #2 contact, #3 contact etc. Typically, the first call may be to the patient's primary caregiver, the second contact to the home health agency office, the third to 24/7 nurse help line, etc.


The contact can speak with the wearer over the two-way speakerphone built into the TempAlert™ to determine the reason for the call and decide the best course of response.

Built-In Fall Detector with Text Message Alerts & Automatic Calling


Optional Fall Alerts feature the latest fall detection technology. The TempAlert™ will beep if the Fall Alert feature is activated to allow wearer to cancel alert if it is a false alarm. 


Fall Alerts can be sent out by text message notification - or by text + phone calls. The exclusive sensitivity adjustment helps to prevent false alarms based upon the wearers activity level.

Latest Real-Time GPS Locator With Google Maps Link for Smartphones


Built-In Real Time GPS locator will text precise location of the TempAlert™ whenever the help button is pressed. Additionally, Caregivers and contacts can request a GPS location anytime via a simple text message. Perfect for Alzheimer's, Dementia and memory care patients.

Monitor Body Temperature and Heart Rate - Alerts Caregivers


Fever is one of the early warning signs of infection or illness. The TempAlert is able to continuously monitor body temperature and will send a txt message alert to all pre-set caregivers if the readings exceed pre-set maximums.


Heart rate monitor is also a valuable bio-sensor especially for those that have pre-existing heart conditions including Atrial Fibulation, heart attack and/or heart disease.


While not designed as a medical-grade montoring device, it provides family and caregivers with early warning notifications of important health issues.

The TempAlert is Waterpoof For Use in Bath & Shower


Pre-set contacts can call into the TempAlert™ for a hands-free chat over the speakerphone. Check on user well-being, confirm nurse visits, prescription/activity reminders.


Wearer can also press the side "call" button to directly call one pre-established primary caregiver or family member.

TempAlert™™ Exclusive Features & Benefits

Nurse Call Button

One Touch Calling to Home Health Nurse or Provider Agency

Multiple Contacts

Calls/Texts Up To five (5) Pre-Set Caregivers or Loved-Ones

Low Battery Alerts

Low Battery Alerts by Text Message To All Contacts

Remote Programming

Change & Update Settings & Features by Text Message

Text Message Alerts

Text Message Alerts & Notifications To Contacts

Fall Detection + Alerts

Built-In Fall Detection & Alerts with Adjustable Sensitivity

HIPPA Compliant

Fully HIPPA Compliant as No Patient Info Is Transmitted

Built-In Speakerphone

Built-In Speakerphone For Two-Way Voice in The Pendant

Small Size & Weight

Small & Compact For Comfortable Wear All Day/Night

Monitoring Available

Optional Professional 24/7 Monitoring Services Available

Inactivity Alerts

Optional Inactivity (No Movement) Alerts By Text 

Shower & Bath Proof 

Shower & Bath Proof 

Provider Dashboard Makes It Quick And Easy To Manage Your TempAlert™

Provider management and office/agency staff can login to view active TempAlert™ devices, track and, see TempAlert™ utilization, print utilization reports, deactivate devices and submit support requests.

On-Line NurseCaller Quick Set-Up and User Guides  For Staff and Patients


Providers can login to view short, step-by-step video presentations showing how to set-up, customize, use and troubleshoot TempAlert™. Can also be viewed by patient caregivers, guardians and family members.