Assisting Hands and SafeGuardian Announce Customized Help Alert Program

New Assisting Hands Alert™ Will be Exclusively Available To Clients and their Families

Boise, ID & Cheyanne, WY – December 11, 2018 – Leading home and personal care franchise Assisting Hands Home Care, LLC has teamed up with personal help alert and medical alarm company SafeGuardian, LLC to offer an exclusive Help Alert program called Assisting Hands Alert to their 127 franchised territories nationwide. The affiliate-style program offers Assisting Hands families with a full-featured custom designed help alert device at discounted negotiated group rates.

The Assisting Hands Alert™ is the next generation of Proactive Telecare™ technology. Unlike older medical alarm systems that only contact a monitoring center, the Assisting Hands Alert™ sends a personalized text notification and then directly calls up to five pre-set contacts when the help alert button is pressed. This typically includes family members, loved-ones, friends, neighbors or caregivers.

“Fact is, the majority of medical alarm calls are for personal assistance – not medical emergencies. Seniors often do not want to press their traditional medical alarm because they know they do not need rescue paramedics or an ambulance.” states Kathleen Holohan Managing Director of SafeGuardian. “When seniors know the call is going to a family member or caregiver, they are much more comfortable pressing the help alert button.”

“This is a very exciting opportunity for Assisting Hands for two reasons” said Deanna Keppel Director of Franchise Support Services. “First, we are able to provide an enhanced level of customer care by offering a low-cost solution to protect our clients when they may be alone. Second, we can now offer our current and future franchisees with a proven effective competitive advantage when competing for clients.”

New England Journal of Medicine statistics prove that immediate response to a fall greatly increases the likelihood of a senior returning home. This translates directly into more Assisting Hands clients, and their families, enjoying many more months and years of living comfortably at home.

The Assisting Hands Alert™ also contains technologies not found anywhere else including built- in Real-Time GPS locator, fall text alerts, call-in & chat feature, live tracking, and remote programming. The advanced Assisting Hands Alert™ includes Fall Alert detection. This feature will notify family members & caregivers of a possible fall. “This is important because many seniors do not tell their family of routine falls because they do not want to raise doubts about remaining at home.” continues Holohan.

About Assisting Hands Home Care

Assisting Hands Home Care serves an aging nation and other patients who prefer the comfort of home over institutionalized medical care. Services include fall prevention, bathing, grooming, meal preparation, light housekeeping, Alzheimer/dementia care and companionship. The company has 11 Area Representatives, 127 units open and operating from 61 offices in the U.S and Canada, and seven new offices still to open. Single and multi-unit franchises are available. Visit the website for more information.

Contact: Deanna Keppel (315) 244-0415


About SafeGuardian, LLC

SafeGuardian, LLC has been specializing in the development and distribution of innovative, wireless home medical alarm systems and help alert systems for over 18 years. Founder of the LifeGuardian, SafeGuardian, and Homestead Health brands, we have saved an untold number of lives since inception. Now, CareCaller is being called the “World’s Most Advanced Help Alert”. Several consumer-direct specialized models are also available including FallAlert, Monitored CareCaller, and MemoryCareCaller.

Contact: Kathleen Holohan 800-209-3220